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The Value of Water in Faith Traditions

Daisy Khan, Executive Director, ASMA

In Islam, water is the medium of creation, and Islam ascribes the most scared qualities to water. Water is life-giving, sustaining and purifying resource. It is the origin of all life on earth, and the substance that created man.

Islam Between Secular Modernism and Civil Society

By Professor Ali A. Mazrui and Professor Albert Schweitzer

Islam will return to the spirit of modernism when it returns to the spirit of creative synthesis - learning from others, letting others learn from Islam, and maintaining Islam's own core of authenticity.

What is the Contribution of Religions Toward Peace?

Religion is a powerful tool. Correctly used, it has led to the vision of God. But when usurped by violent men, religion has proven extremely effective in rousing the masses to violence and aggression.

Our Chance to Reclaim Islam

By Michael Wolfe
Whatever one thinks of the war in Iraq, it's clear that it creates an enormous opportunity-and obligation-for American and Western Muslims. We have been trying to reclaim Islam, and now we might actually have a chance.

My American Son

By Ahmed Nassef
I remembered the Islamic concept of Fitra, how all humans are born with a divine gift of goodness. Our challenge as humans is how to find that compassion and love underneath the many layers of societal conditioning.

Muhammad: The Perfected Human Being

By Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf
Muslims see Muhammad, born in 570 CE, as recapping the messages of all the previous prophets, just as the conclusion to a book recaps the themes of the whole book. He manifested the absolute submission and monotheism of Abraham, the dream-interpreting ability of Joseph, the spiritual warrior-kingship of David, the wisdom of Solomon, the law of Moses, and the spirituality of Jesus.

Faith and Care of the Patient: An Islamic Perspective on Critical Illness

By F.A. Khan MD
Before discussing the Islamic perspectives with regard to the psychological issues that arise in those stricken with critical illness, it is important to lay some groundwork regarding Islam. Most of what will proceed about this topic will ring familiar to those who are acquainted with their own faith traditions—and this is by, dare I say, Divine design.

From a Western Minaret
Islam: The Next American Religion?

by Michael Wolfe
The U.S. began as a haven for Christian outcasts. But what religion fits our current zeitgeist? The answer may be Islam.

Finding God

By Aishah Miller
Sometimes its difficult for me to talk about God because He is so close to my heart and its like speaking about the innermost part of myself, which holds a well of life, inspiration and truths about me I am still exploring and rarely share with myself, let alone anyone else... but I value the importance of speaking about God for the Believer's progress and understanding—as well as for the community. So I offer this talk, as my contribution to the Ummah and as a supplication to the One God.

Notes from Ka'ba

A Canadian Convert in Mecca
By Claire Alkouatli
As long as I can remember, I've wanted to go to Mecca. As a little girl, growing up in Vancouver, I gazed at striking photos of the Kaaba in National Geographic, marveling at the numbers of people all prostrating together, then tracing my finger in the direction of the blurs as people moved in a circular fashion around the mysterious black cube. I don't remember having any significant spiritual yearnings, back then, I think I wanted to go because it was just about the one place on earth I couldn't go.

What Does It Take To Wage Peace? A Scriptual Vision Of Peace Among The Abrahamic Faiths Of Judaism, Christianity AND Islam

By Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

Bridging the Chasm between Islam and America.
Reflections of an American Muslim Imam
Washington National Cathedral.
April 10, 2003

American Muslims need to speak out against violations of Islamic Shariah law

Is adultery punishable by stoning?

Good Deeds

Some Virtues of Righteousness in the Islamic tradition

Islam: The Spiritual Matrix

by Mehmet DEDE
An interview of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf about the role of Muslims in American society, the spiritual aspects of the Qur'an and the interplay between Islam and Sufism.

Review of Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet

On Islam Online

NYC Muslim Artists Call for Fast on 9/11

Islam Online
Feature an interview of Daisy Khan.

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