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June 2009 Issue 14

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Aim Vertically Not Horizontally

By Shamim Sadik – MLT, USA




How to Win a Cosmic War: God, Globalization, and the End of the War on Terror

By Reza Aslan – MLT, USA


Recent Events:

Islamic Cultural Center of Norway holds Islam Exhibition 2009

Waqas Waheed – MLT, Norway

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Islamic Cultural Center



Shouting Fire: Stories from the Edge of Free Speech

Debbie Almontaser – MLT, USA

Watch Trailer

Shouting Fire explores the social and political trends that have shaped America's attitudes about free speech and how they can threaten the very tenets upon which the country was built.

Debbie Almontaser’s story is one of those showcased in the documentary.


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MLTs Speak and Write on President Obama’s June 4 Cairo Speech

El-KatatneyEthar El-Katatney on CNN – MLT, Egypt

Three Egyptian activists, including Ethar El-Katatney, were interviewed by CNN's Ben Wedeman on their hopes for President Obama's Cairo speech.

View CNN Video

Hussein RashidHussein Rashid on CNN – MLT, USA

Hussein Rashid reacted to President Obama Cairo speech on CNN Newshour with Kyra Phillips

See CNN Video

Visit Hussein’s Blog

RehmanAsim Rehman on CBS2 – MLT, USA

Asim Rehman expressed his support of President Obama’s speech, especially his emphasis on tolerance between Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

See CBS2 Video

MoghulHaroon Moghul on ABC7 – MLT, USA

Haroon Moghul appeared on ABC7 to comment on President Obama’s speech in Cairo. Visit Haroon’s blog to see a list of his other media appearances that day.

See ABC7 Video

Visit Haroon’s Blog

SalehDr. Ibrahim Saleh quoted in the German newspaper WELT - MLT, Egypt

Dr. Ibrahim Saleh was quoted in the German newspaper, WELT. A communications professor at the American University of Cairo and co-founder of an independent organization, The Arab-European Media Observatory, Dr. Saleh said, "When Obama came into office, people believed that he was the Messiah who would bring salvation. But these expectations were too high...”

Read WELT Article

EltahawyMona Eltahawy in Al Arab and Metro – MLT, USA/Egypt

Mona Eltahawy wrote on President Obama’s Cairo speech in a number of media outlets. Her articles appeared on Al Arab and Metro.

Read Al Arab Article

Read Metro Article

Visit Mona’s Blog

Hussein RashidReza Aslan speaks on the Iranian elections - MLT, USA

Reza Aslan shared his views on the Iranian elections on "The Rachel Maddow Show" and John Stewart's "The Daily Show." He also wrote an analysis of the elections on The Daily Beast.

See MSNBC Video

Read The Daily Beast Article

AbusulaymanMuna AbuSulayman named one of the 50 most influential people in the Middle East - MLT, Saudi Arabia

“A leading media personality in the Middle East and founding co-host of one of MBC’s most popular social programmes, she has become a celebrity, a regular contributor to the WEF, and is often asked to contribute to issues relating to Arab society, media, and understanding between the East and West...”

Read The Middle East Article

BouharbMohamed-Ali Bouharb profiled in Le Figaro - MLT, France

Le Figaro daily newspaper recently profiled Mohamed-Ali Bouharb, the French police force’s first official Muslim chaplain. Bouharb is a member of mosques in Rouen and du Havre where he attended training courses. He seeks to “integrate Islam within the heart of a large legal institution, without falling into proselytism” which his position impedes.

Read Le Figaro Article

Read Euro-Islam Summary

Hussein RashidImam Mohammed Daniel in Unique Magazine - MLT, UK/Kuwait

Unique Magazine recently interviewed Imam Mohammed Daniel. During his interview, Imam Daniel also spoke about his participation in the MLT global conference in Doha, Qatar.

Read Unique Magazine Interview

Cordoba Initiative Online Portal Seeks Contributors!

The new Cordoba Initiative Online Portal has been launched. If you write regularly (or semi-regularly) on subjects relevant to:

  • Gender relations in Muslim societies
  • Muslims in the West
  • Muslim youth
  • Free speech and Islam
  • Religion in the context of Muslim-West relations
  • Political issues in Muslim-West relations could become a CI online contributor! Your opinion pieces, blog entries or other contributions will be featured in a special column on the newly launched CI website. For more info, email Kamal at

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